WhatsApp Account May Be Blocked Due To These 6 Mistakes


WhatsApp Account May Be Blocked Due To These 6 Mistakes.

WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging application in the world, there are some rules and regulations for users that if not followed, your WhatsApp account may be blocked.

“Meta” has set some rules and regulations for WhatsApp users, which can lead to the closure of the WhatsApp account. According to the report, some such rules have been stated which if not followed by WhatsApp users may get in trouble.

Rules for Whatsapp are outlined below:

  1. WhatsApp accounts remain inactive for more than 120 daysŪ”
  2. Using unauthorized applications such as WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp with the official application of WhatsApp
  3. Sending spam messages, broadcasting lists, and grouping unauthorized people into them.
  4. Adding, blocking you on WhatsApp by many people in one day.
  5. In addition to spreading fake news, automatically creating many new accounts and sharing someone’s information without permission.
  6. If a user shares pornographic photos or videos on WhatsApp, the account may be blocked following a complaint.

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