Social Media Users Demand Ban On Fahad Mustafa’s Game Show

Social media users have demanded a ban on the game show of the most popular host Fahad Mustafa.

In the first episode of Fahad Mustafa’s game show aired in Ramadan, Shaista Lodhi slipped on the floor on one side, then a bag fell on Sana Javed’s face and after that actor, Ijaz Aslam lost his pajamas.

Host and actor Fahad Mustafa, instead of hiding the fact that Ijaz Aslam’s pajamas were torn, told it to live in front of everyone and the other participants in the show laughed and got upset.

In all these incidents, social media users compared Fahad Mustafa with Dr. Aamir Liaquat and said that the content of his show is very similar to that of Amir Liaquat’s game show in which he used to interact with people in a funny and humorous manner.

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