Nida Yasir had refused to marry Yasir Nawaz because he was a Sindhi

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz

Nida Yasir had refused to marry Yasir Nawaz because he was a Sindhi: Actress and host Nida Yasir has revealed that when she was offered marriage by Yasir Nawaz, she initially refused to marry him because he was “Sindhi”.

Yasir Nawaz and Nida Yasir have been married for a decade and a half and both have children and are considered one of the most romantic and popular couples.

In a recent interview with Fuchsia Magazine, She spoke openly about her marriage, family, and career and said that she has been doing morning shows for 13 years.

She said that initially when the new ARY channel came, she used to do recorded morning shows, and by that time she was married.

Nida Yasir had refused to marry Yasir Nawaz because he was a Sindhi:

According to her, Nadia Khan and Shaista Lodhi used to do morning shows before her when she accidentally entered the world of morning shows.

She said that Shaista Lodhi used to do morning shows on ARY, so she asked her to show her place for a few days, after which she also enjoyed doing the show and then for a few days. She later became the host of the Morning Show.

She revealed that initially her husband did not even allow her to do morning shows and said that the women who do morning shows, their marriages do not last long.

According to her, she initially asked her husband for permission to do a morning show for one year and then he took permission from her again for 6 months and then for the third time in one year, and then she continued to do the morning show.

She said that before marriage she had worked in dramas with Yasir Nawaz but no relationship had been established between them till then but then they became friends while working on a telefilm called ‘Mohabbat’.

According to the TV host, Yasir Nawaz offered for the marriage during the shooting of ‘Mohabbat’, which she turned down saying that Yasir Nawaz is ‘Sindhi’, she cannot marry him.

Nida Yasir admitted that she had misconceptions about Sindhis and she thought that Sindhi people are very scary since she had also seen the plays of Yasir Nawaz’s father, so in her mind, There was a misconception about the Sindhis.

According to the TV Show host, when she refused to marry Yasir Nawaz as he was a ‘Sindhi’, he was stunned and told her that he was a ‘Sindhi’ and not a ‘Hindu’ but that she was refusing to marry him.

In response to a question, She said that while her husbands are sensitive, he is also passionate about relationships, and while he is also respectful, he needs a wife who obeys orders.

She said that at the beginning of the marriage, they even prepared food and did a lot of household chores.

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