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Former Prime Minister Imran Khan is stuck in a new predicament

Imran Khan

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan is stuck in a new predicament: An investigation into the Tosha Khana case against Prime Minister Imran Khan was launched after he was removed from the post.

According to the details, instead of keeping the necklace as a gift to Imran Khan in the treasury, with the help of Zulfi Bukhari, it was sold to a jeweler in Lahore for Rs. 18 crores.

The necklace was presented to a big jeweler in Lahore through Zulfi Bukhari. The big jeweler of Lahore had bought the necklace worth Rs. 18 crores. A few lakh rupees were deposited in the coffin of this necklace by Imran Khan. Gifts received as Prime Minister have to be deposited in the treasury.

According to experts, gifts can be kept from the treasury by paying half the price of the gift. Imran Khan sold a necklace worth Rs 18 crore and deposited a few lakhs in the treasury which was illegal.

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